Here You Can Book Your Complementary 30 Minute Call!


Thank you for your interesting in having a call with me. If you have received a link to this page, then we are supposed to have a free call to discuss about your needs or towards getting to know each other better.

Please do NOT book paid consultancy sessions on this page. Instead, use the service page I have provided you beforehand.

At the current moment I am in Taiwan (UTC+8) and I will be here during the winter and early spring. I may also be in Manila, Philippines which carries the same time zone.

If none of these options work for you, please get back to me by email at and we’ll find a time slot in which we can both be satisfied.

Thank you,
Razvan Rogoz

PS: As a courtesy, please cancel at least 24 hours before a session if you can not attend. I am not requiring you to RSVP but I do block this time on my calendar and not attending without canceling beforehand can lead to many inconveniences on my side.

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